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You are welcome! Let us Introduce Ourself!

I-Gyaani is a perfect combination of a technological hub where we project ourselves in a perfect balance of IT Support and Website designing and development where our only goal is to be a gamechanger and bring out the best in us. We have our offices across 3 states and 5 cities thereby building a stronger network every passing day.

Our team has always put itself on the edge and thereby making sure our clients can not only be happy with the delivery of the work but also bring out new avenues . Oh yes, we do application development as we believe if we have to meet the demand we have to be prepared aross all verticals.The journey was indeed difficult but every one of us continue to believe to deliver the best in every passing day.What we believe is we don’t base client relations on price instead we look forward to bring in a new avenue whereby the client as well as us being the company can be in a perfectly balancing situation.

We believe that in this age of the client ,the only sustainable competitive advantage is knowledge and engagement with clients. Bringing in new challenges has been the reason of our growth as a whole.Infact what we lookforward is we let the client transform our business roadmap in the manner we handle the situations

A one stop to meet our capability for online business.

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