Reliable and Comprehensive Antivirus Solutions at Your Home by i-Gyaani

Do you often question yourself that if you are carefully bypassing unsafe sites and content while browsing internet, then why you need an antivirus? You might be sidestepping specific genres, poorly rated sites, and refrain from downloading files from disrespectful websites – but, there are sites and skeleton in the closet we are aware of and thus, we cannot protect us from threats flown from those sources. That’s why you need online security professionals to detect and wipe out viruses using antivirus suite that matches your PC configuration and internet usage pattern. Hence, i-Gyaani – complete antivirus assistance brought to your home to shield PCs against cyber threats.

How antivirus support works?

i-Gyaani offers comprehensive antivirus services to help with detection and removal of virus, malware, Trojan, spyware, worm and other security threats. In addition to detection and removal of malicious files or programs from your PC, i-Gyaani also covers all types of technical assistance you need with different types of antivirus software. Our extensive range of antivirus support covers, but not limited to the following areas –





Virus scan – full, custom and quick scan

Schedule virus

Security updates and patches

Manage security alerts

Troubleshoot antivirus issues

Support for different both personal and enterprise antivirus

How to get antivirus tech support by i-Gyaani?

i-Gyaani is available for 24 hours, 365 days a year via Internet – from anywhere across the world. We cater to all types of antivirus installation, setup and troubleshooting requirement, in just three steps –

Step 1: call toll-free number of i-Gyaani

Step 2: Mention specifications of computer, name and version of antivirus software or the security issue you are facing

Step 3: Our technicians connect to your computer and take remote access of your PC

Once we are connected, our tech support experts thoroughly scan your computer to diagnose the root cause of the technical glitch (if any), detect virus or malware you want to remove from your computer and offer the best antivirus solutions – our resolutions rates is second to none in tech support industry. In addition to technical assistance, i-Gyaani tech support experts offer you quick tips and viable suggestions to prevent similar issues in future – ask us any question or queries related to our service – while we are at work in troubleshooting antivirus issue or assistance or drop your queries on i-Gyaani feedback forms. No queries are left unanswered with us till we resolve your issue.

We also provide support for –





Spam filters

Enterprise security suites

And all other types of security software and programs