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Software Repair

Get to know how to repair computer software.   People cannot think for a moment without computer. If we look ten years back we can see that computer was a very expensive thing for human life. However, today it is available in an affordable price. Computation works, writing works has become very easier with the Read More..

Printer Repair

Get to know how to repair your printer Printers are computer peripheral devices that are used to output softcopy to hard copy. There are a variety of printers in the market that can be used by a majority of computer systems. These include thermal printers, laser printers and desk jet printers. The quality however differs. Read More..

Laptop Repair

Get to know about some of the software issues that can come with your laptop   Laptop is a personal computer that is designed for mobile use and it is also very light. It has integrated components like display, keyboard, a touchpad, speakers and battery. The battery can be recharged with AC adapter which depends Read More..

Computer Repair

Unlimited Computer Repair Support for One-time Payment by iYogi Is your computer running too slow? Are file downloads and transfers taking longer than usual? Does your system keep frequently restarting? Or if you face Wi-Fi connection issues or printer issues, then one simplest method to troubleshoot the glitch and resume your current session – is Read More..