Software Repair

Get to know how to repair computer software.


People cannot think for a moment without computer. If we look ten years back we can see that computer was a very expensive thing for human life. However, today it is available in an affordable price. Computation works, writing works has become very easier with the use of computer. We can see computer in each family now. But it is very essential to operate the computer properly to run it efficiently. Computer cannot run without any software installed in it. So to work with computer, we must install software in it that one want to use.


Some common problems that can come in computer software and possible ways to resolve the issues are discussed in the following points.


  • What is computer software?
  • Software problems
  • How to solve software problems?


What is computer software?

There are various types of software, which might be installed in a computer. There are some categories of software also, like application software, Audio and Video software, System software, Programming software, etc. The procedures of installing every type of software may be same or sometime different. The software should be installed in any hard disk location. The Application software includes Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Excel®, etc. Programming software includes JAVA, ASP.NET, C#, etc. This type of software is used to develop applications and websites mainly. Audio and Video software helps to view video stream, listen to audio. Software is installed according to the need of user.

Software problems

There might be various types of a problem one might face in software. Every time it is impossible for the user to call up system administrator to solve the problems. It can take a long time, and it is expensive also. Sometime the software might not work properly. The software could not be opened sometime. The software might be corrupted or some of the files might be missing, etc. There might be some compilation problems occurred in case of programming software.


How to solve software problems?

The software might be caused sometime for virus effects. Virus can be called as “computer daemon”. Virus first affects the C drive, means where the setup and software are installed. When any virus affect computer then some set files might be deleted by it. There might be some .dll or .exe files also deleted. So some programs cannot run properly. So what should be done first if such problem occurs? First of all, a good updated antivirus should be installed in the computer. There is a huge number of antivirus software available in the market today. But the best one should be chosen for best performance of computer. Then all drives of the computer including the system drive should be scanned by the antivirus and the threats which will be detected should be deleted. Sometime software also fails to start without any special reason. This thing happens only if one or more files from the installation file corrupt. To fix that kind of problem the software needs to be uninstalled and then reinstalled to work properly. If the software doesn’t work after that also then the computer should be formatted with the operating system CD/DVD. In this way, we can repair software and work properly.