Founder & CEO of iGyaani.

It was not his interest, but passion for Computers, brought iGyaani into existence.

His interest in ‘technical know-how’, made him setup a successful business in IT Industry.
His passion for Technical Support, made him “sacrifice” many things in life, including an offer from IIM – the nation’s apex technical institute.

He has distinctive interest and proven aptitude for Business Analysis involving Market research, Customers relationship, Creative Services, Business Management and Branding Solutions, to help build progressive startups. Today, he is more of an entrepreneur (or business man); with extensive knowledge in Management, Finance, Operations & most importantly – Marketing.

He has established multiple businesses, across Continents. Thanks to his countless International visits & experiences.


Jude J Sarkar

COO & Thirsty Traveller.

We can’t ask for a better person for the position. Being a founder member of the organization, JUDE stands as a pillar in strengthening the operations. His strong interpersonal skills, not only helps him to oversee business operations, but also makes him a “darling” to our Customers. His dedication, sincerity and continuous improvement in what he is doing – makes him the best teacher for all of his team mates.

Call him a ‘Sales Guru’ or ‘Operation expert’, he fits into any role, and stays strong to keeps the foundation of Igyaani Stronger.

# WhyDoBoring? he says as he calls a spade – a spade! His energy is infectious so is his love for backpacking. Little wonder, he floors everyone with his knowledge on World Travel. Even after being to 23 odd countries, he still gets childishly excited about a new trip, which also helps him to device new strategies for the company’s international operations.


Rajneesh Jaiswal

CAO & Mad Cricketer

With a post graduation from London School of Commerce, UK, Rajneesh oversees the Operations of the Company. His abroad experience comes in handy, while devising new strategies and policies. Being a responsible founder member, he stood strong and gave shoulder to shoulder to get the organization find the success path.

His impressive personality (be it, his dressing sense or his courteous behavior), helps him to meet clients and secure contracts for the organization.

Not to forget, his craze for Cricket. He has represented his State in Cricket and is an excellent sportsperson. If you don’t find in him in office, rest assured to find him in a cricket field nearby.


Nirmal Jaiswal

CFO & Media Personnel

With a heart of Vagabond, Soul of Yogi, Nirmal seeks to live a life less ordinary, one filled with spontaneity, adventure and freedom to travel solo to every city in the world. With this attitude, he finds it easy to take care of company’s finance & offices – spread across cities, in various states. His humorous personality is contagious, and gets anyone into his friendly zone in no time. He also looks after the Company’s ‘Public Relation’ works and plays a vital role in public co-ordination.

Being a media personality, we can find many of his clicks with leading Bollywood stars and other VIPs in and out of the industry. Be with him, if you are looking for “Happy Hours”

Team Createch


Amit Padhi

Chief Strategy Officer, Createch

From Strategy to SOP, Amit sets up everything for the Company and his Division. He holds a bachelor degree in Engineering and applies all of his technical knowledge to make the best possible standards. His implementations are professional and well organized in every angle.

Currently he heads the Creative Infosol Pvt. Ltd., a unit of Igyaani, and is responsible for overall strategy and management for the Company.


Vishmay Pradhan

Senior Manager, Createch Uditnagar

Vishmay, is the senior most member of the organization. He is not only talented but also an extraordinary performer when it comes to ‘Sales & Marketing’. No plans are implemented without his consultation. He plays a major role in devising new sales techniques for the Company.

He has trained literally every other Managers and Team members, to their capacity. He stands as the back bone of the company and ensure its growth by all means.

His intensive knowledge, in Sales and Technical aspects – makes him the best Manger, as well as ‘Mentor’ for many.


Soumya Pradhan

Manager, Createch Bhubaneswar

He is one of the most trusted and respected personnel of the Company. He sets high standards with his Management skills in maintaining the team and its operation. His proven techniques in Team Management, has set him an example for his colleagues of same capacity.

He has got a Master degree in Information Technology and helps in preparing Technical Strategies for the company.


Basudev Sahoo

Manager, Createch Koelnagar

A Wonderful person by nature, Basu is undoubtedly the best Manger, in leading teams to success. He has brought up many of the Company’s new offices by forming pilot batches.

His Philanthropist nature has won many hearts -in and out of the office. He stands tall, with his capacity to manage teams with great success.

Apart from his skills in leading teams, his go-getter attitude has been a great support for his individual and organizational growth.

Akash Panigrahi

Technical Analyst, Createch Koelnagar

Akshay Kumar Das

Senior Technical Analyst,Createch Bhubaneswar

Shankar Gupta

Floor Manager, Createch Koelnagar

Sanjay Sahoo

Floor Manager, Createch Bhubaneswar

Abhishek Kumar

Customer Service Representative, Createch Uditnagar

Arya Mukherjee

Senior Sales Consultant, Createch Uditnagar

Chinmay Pradhan

Senior Sales Representative, Createch Uditnagar

Snigdha Das

HR Createch Koelnagar

Krushna Maharana

Technical Analyst, Createch Uditnagar

Ajit Hansda

Customer Service Representative Createch Uditnagar

Sunanda Ray

HR Createch Uditnagar

Team Hightex


Lalit Kumar

Technical Head, Igyaani

He is the man behind Technical operations of the entire organization. From designing IT Infrastructure to implementing Technical Support protocols to Customers – he takes care of everything related to IT. Being a knowledge hub, he is in constant touch with all Engineers and Technicians across various branches. He constantly updates himself with the latest technology and educates his team members, to ensure top class Technical support – provided by the organization.

He carries over 16 years of total experience in IT field of which 11 years are from BPO Sector. “There is always a Solution, for a problem” says Lalit, leaving no stone unturned.


Vikash Rawat

VP Operations, Hightex

Vice President, as we call Vikas – one cannot forget his vast experience and extensive knowledge in Business Arena. His success story proves his theory of ‘Failure is the stepping stone to success.’ He has played a vital role in bringing up the Company’s status and helped the organization to reach new heights. He is an extraordinary performer when it comes to ‘Operations and Management.’

Most of the Campaigns for Education, Insurance & Medical are in direct control of Vikas. His diversified knowledge in the Industry helps him to setup successful campaigns.


Vikash Mohapatra

Manager Hightex Saltlake

There is another name for loyalty. It is “Mohapatra”, as we call Vikas at our premises. He stood strong with the company during its initial days and helped building its name and fame, with his heart and soul. One can always find him in office for days together – sometimes weeks or even months.

With his dedication he grew up the rank, in the professional hierarchy. His immense knowledge helps him making new policies in Customer Management.
Currently he manages the Salt lake branch of Hightex Infotech, a unit of Igyaani.


Amit Basa

Manager Hightex Howrah

Amit has started his career with Igyaani at a very early stage of his life. His dedication and hard work made him a “Hero” in Sales, with a convincing attitude to manage his entire team. He treats his team as family, and believes that, family always comes first. The word “impossible” is not in his dictionary, as he always turns around things, with endless possibilities.

With an excellent record in his Sales book, he got promoted as a Manager, and was assigned to take care of Hightex Infotech, Howrah branch.


Senthil Kumar

Senior R&D Analyst, Hightex, Howrah

With around 16 years of experience in IT industry, and experience with Multinational Corporates, Senthil has diversified knowledge in different sectors. He has worked with Construction Companies, Bank & Airline in the Middle East, at various job titles in IT Segment. His experience with MNCs helps him to plan, design & implement what he has learnt over years. He does Research and Development at various levels to bring out the most fruitful ideas for the Company’s growth. He is also considered as a technical expert, in the organization.

Senthil, holds a Bachelor degree in Information Technology along with a Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering, apart from being a Microsoft Certified Professional.

Utsav Paul Chaudhary

Senior QA Analyst, Hightex Salt Lake

Sahana Khatun

HR Hightex Howrah

Richa Mishra

Quality Analyst,Hightex Salt Lake

Jamil Ahmed

Customer Service Representative Hightex Salt Lake